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Selling a Property in Arizona

Selling real estate is by no means rocket science, although there are some key elements that overlooked or not handled properly, can prove to be disastrous and derail your success. A seller’s goal should be to move their property at the highest price possible in the shortest time frame. As a listing specialist having listed and sold hundreds of homes there are few key traits that are required in order to stand out and successfully move real estate:

  • Unique professional expertise
  • Proven marketing techniques
  • Effective communication and diligent follow up

Nothing is more important to your success than the initial pricing of your home. To save time and money, you need to price it right the first time. It is proven that your home is never worth more than within the first 30 days on the market. Missing the energy in the market focused on your home in the first month of listing will cost you, especially in a declining market such as we’ve seen. There is nothing worse than chasing a declining market. Simply put, homes that are properly priced will sell quickly and for more money! You will be provided with all the information needed to make an informed decision on the pricing and strategy that meets your goals and objectives.

An advanced marketing program is required to ensure that your home will sell quickly. We have tools to market your property to many more qualified buyers, as well as to the entire brokerage community. Most importantly, your property has access to the Multiple Listing Service, exposing your property to over 60,000 active local Realtors with buyers looking for a home just like yours. Our job is to make sure every buyer in the market knows your property is available whether they be local or across the country. Contact the Ed Surchik Group for details on our extensive marketing plan for your home.

Follow-up is key to solving issues and not sitting stagnant on the market. We have an advanced and unique follow up system which personally contacts every agent and buyer who previews your home. We dig deeper than just finding out if they want to write an offer. Every feedback, positive or negative tells us something and creates a trend line of information for us to use and correct issues quickly, saving you time and money. Communication and the time spent gathering information and solving problems is key to successfully moving a property. Sometimes buyer’s can be picky, unrealistic and inexperienced…sometimes agents can be too. By hiring the Ed Surchik Group to help you market and sell your property, you are getting an aggressive and detailed negotiator but also a thoughtful problem solver helps get your property to the top of more buyer’s lists. Simply put, having the right listing agent increases your percentage for success dramatically.

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