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Buying a Property in Arizona

Purchasing real estate can be accomplished very smoothly when approached correctly. When buying a house or any type of property it is important to have all the information in order to make the best decision. Hiring the Ed Surchik Group as your Buyer’s Agent representative you get the best of the following:

  • Your Best Interests are represented. Nothing is more important to us than the relationship we create with you. That means we always advise folks on what’s best for them…and sometimes that means renting instead of buying.
  • Show you homes not just in MLS, but For Sale By Owner properties, New Build options and properties not listed in MLS. As active agents we do significant networking that keeps us informed of homes coming to the market soon. Not all agents are created equal. The best know how to listen to what the client is saying and is sometimes not saying.
  • Negotiating on your behalf. One of the most important tools of negotiation I’ve discovered is the proper application of a 3rd party negotiator. It takes emotions out of the process and gives a buffer of time to calculate a response. Over the course of negotiating hundreds of home, I’ve learned advanced negotiating skills that have saved clients thousands and brought buyers/sellers together that otherwise would have fallen apart.
  • Data Drives Decisions This nifty little catch phrase is driven into every agent’s mindset here at the Ed Surchik Group. I firmly believe people have a difficult time making choices without complete information. From providing data analysis of comparable sales and market conditions, working through positive and negative aspects of properties and neighborhoods as it relates to each Buyer’s needs and wants, we provide and assist in the search for additional information needed for the client to be able to make the decision that’s best for them. We don’t “sell” buyer’s homes, we help buyer’s determine what is best for them on their “fact finding mission” and then the results are that our clients are highly satisfied.
  • Providing Trusted Vendors Reliable sources of lenders, inspectors, attorneys, insurance agents, and other professionals to help you successfully complete your objection is more important than you think. Without trusted Service Providers, expenses can mount. Using the right people for the right task is essential.

Remember, the Listing Agent works for the seller. The New Home sales agent is watching out for the Builder’s bottom dollar…who is watching out for yours? Contact the Ed Surchik Group today to discuss having someone in your corner, fighting for Your Best Interest, without costing you a dime!

Resources for Arizona Home Buyers

  • Arizona Buyer Advisory - Read it by clicking on the thumbnail image to the right.
  • Local Utility Info

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